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Bank of Hawaii
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Verify if your check has cleared

Ways to verify whether a check has cleared through your account.

Access Your Account Activity

Login to e-Bankoh and view your account information online.

Deposit confirmation

Learn how to confirm a deposit has been made to your account.

Cancel an automatic payment

Learn how to cancel automatic payment that has already been setup on your account.

Automatically pay your loans

Find out how to automatically pay your loans each month.

Tax form information

Information about how to get your IRS tax forms, including the 1098 and 1099-INT.

Report an unauthorized transaction

Learn how to report an unauthorized transaction on your account.

Fee and rate information

Find the most current fee and rate information on Bank of Hawaii products.

Check your account balance

Find three easy ways to check your account balance and stay on top of your finances.

Index Page of Customer Service Requests

A list of common customer service requests covering account support, applications, online services, and other frequently asked questions.

Update your address

Find out how to update the address associated with your accounts.

Bank of Hawaii Foundation request

If you are a non-profit looking for funding from Bank of Hawaii Foundation, download a request form to seek a grant.

Apply for a Mortgage Loan

Download a mortgage application or find out the where to go to apply for a mortgage in person. Individuals wanting to learn more about borrowing should read these helpful tips.

Routing and Transit Number Information

Bank of Hawaii routing number and SWIFT Code information for domestic and international wires and transfers.

Branch Hours and Locations

Find out when the branch near you is open, or where other branhes in your neighborhod located.

Consistent Balance

Access your Current and Available Balances to get an accurate picture of your checking account and avoid overdraft fees.

Results 17 - 32 of 1285 for .
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